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March 2023 Bonus Edition 
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Every month we round up the latest career tips, insights and job opportunities from our multi-platform network of Black and Brown media organizations. 

URL Media runs a
highly successful recruitment arm and has placed some of the top media executives in the country. 
Selling BIPOC Journalism the URL Way
Hi today from URL Senior Recruiter Sonali Kohli. We're continuing the March chats with URL folks. This week I talked to Melanie Figueiredo, our Vice President of Advertising and Sponsorships, about our open Sales Executive role and what it takes to do well in this job, as well as what it means for our 20 member organizations when we succeed.
Sonali Kohli: What does a URL sales deal look like for our partners?

Melanie Figueiredo: We strive to provide our high performing network of media outlets with interesting campaigns which not only resource our outlets with funds, but also resource their respective audiences with critical information.

Depending on the size and the goal of a campaign, we may have a large group of partners participating or as few as 3-4 partners who fit the project.

We strive for an equitable approach to this work for all partners, while juggling their individual needs as publications: from how funds are doled out, to performance expectations and reporting, to honoring payment terms.

Sonali: From your perspective, what makes for a good Media Sales Executive candidate?

Melanie:  Tenacity and persistence, for sure. Our ideal candidate has their eye on the long game, but understands that ongoing and determined outreach, as well as a sense of urgency towards funding URL and our BIPOC media partners is going to help us all win.
Also a strong intuitive sense with people, and opportunities. Much of the work of sales is invisible, gut instinct, people reading, which canโ€™t typically be taught, rather it has to be inherent.

Sonali: For a Sales Executive, whatโ€™s unique about working at URL Media?

Melanie: The opportunity to contribute to something nascent, disruptive and uplifting for diverse communities can be so transformative. We arenโ€™t selling widgets, we are offering corporations and advertising agencies the chance to impact our audiences, for the better.
To be able to sell that vision, and to watch it be executed, can be an incredibly powerful experience for anyone who joins our team.

Sonali: What can folks read or consume to be good at the job?

Melanie: There is so much existing content about how to be a good salesperson. Most of it is written by people who donโ€™t look like me, for people who donโ€™t look like me. I dip in and out of it as Iโ€™m inspired, and I keep what resonates - but itโ€™s not my North Star. 
I wrote this article for Business Insider over 10 years ago
, and I stand by what I wrote then. In order to be good at my job, I make sure that the other pieces of me are fed, filled, rested, seeking beauty, and diverse thought in the world.
That approach has served me well so far: my problem-solving has had to be unique and subversive with this work, as we build our Advertising revenue and team.

If you're interested in being our next Sales Executive, email your resume and a cover letter to
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Conference Scholarship

URL Media is sponsoring a scholarship for a BIPOC journalist to attend the Public Media Journalists Association conference in San Antonio, TX from June 21-23. The scholarship provides registration and a $500 travel stipend.

To apply, email your name, your interest in the URL scholarship and a recorded spot โ€“ no longer than 45 seconds โ€“ that answers the question, โ€œHow would attending PMJA 2023 impact me?โ€ to by April 1.
Apply Here

Job Board 

URL Media is recruiting for these open roles. Contact if you're interested in learning more about any of them. 

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Sales Executive
Company: URL Media
Compensation: $65,000 โ€” $75,000 plus commission
Location: Remote
Company: MacArthur Foundation
Compensation: $116,000
Location: Chicago, IL

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Express Desk Editor
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $100,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Newsletter Editor
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $70,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Express Reporter
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $55,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD
๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Local News Editor
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $100,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD

The following are job openings with URL partners or affiliate organizations who we love. We encourage you to apply directly!

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Cultural Reporter
Company: Haitian Times
Compensation: $25/hour, 10-15 hours/week

Location: Remote in South Florida

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Special Events Coordinator (Part-time)
Company: Haitian Times
Compensation: $25/hour, 10-15 hours/week

Location: Remote in South Florida

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Tech Product Manager
Company: Pulso
Compensation: $67,000 - $75,000

Location: Remote

๐Ÿ“Œ Position: Ejecutivo de Ventas
Company: La Noticia
Compensation: Base salary + commission

Location: Remote
We are currently working with a mix of media, nonprofits, and other organizations to source and hire for executive roles. If you are a senior-level media professional looking to pivot, contact us. 

Please fill out our candidate intake form or email ( to inquire. 
As a job candidate, there are no fees associated with working with URL. We look forward to adding you to our pipeline! 

Uplift. Respect. Love.
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URL Media runs a highly successful recruitment arm and has placed some of the top media executives in the country. If youโ€™d like to be informed of further opportunities, drop us a line at with your resume or LinkedIn profile. If you're looking for top talent, drop us a line on how we might work together!  
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