2022 Civics Edition
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
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A View From the Ground

Reporting on politics, civics, government, participation, and civic engagement across the URL Media network to empower readers to improve democracy and society.
A woman with glasses wearing a brown jacket and red top.
Stephanie Mitchell, Harvard Staff Photographer
  • Harvard’s next president will be Haitian American Claudine Gay: On July 1, 2023, Harvard University will welcome Claudine Gay as its 30th president, a renowned scholar of democracy and political participation. Gay, a daughter of Haitian immigrants, will be the first Black woman and the second woman at the institution. The Haitian Times has more.

    +Canadian sanctions a timid, belated step in the right direction
  • The importance of Latino voters: Epicenter-NYC’s civics reporter Felipe De La Hoz reflects on the outcome of this past general election season where Democrats lost seats in both the state House of Representatives and legislature. De La Hoz argues this had to do with congressional redistricting, and a potential failure of Democrats’ to turn out their base and woo swing voters. But, he also believes that one particular voting bloc in the suburbs of NYC — “growing in numbers and political organizing” — could have made a difference. Epicenter-NYC has more.   

    +: New City Council maps are here

  • 🎧 Black Women on the future of Twitter and building generational wealth: In the latest episode of Our Body Politic, host Farai Chideya, columnist for the Washington Post Karen Attiah, and Dr. Sarah J. Jackson, Presidential Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and co-author of “Hashtag Activism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice,” discusses how Elon Musk's Twitter takeover could impact women of color.

    Next listeners hear an old interview between Farai and Mellody Hobson, co-CEO of Ariel Investments, in which they discuss the importance of providing financial literacy to people of color and how race relations affect financial security. Listen to the interviews.
 Human progress over the past 20 years
Sponsored by McKinsey & Company

Human progress over the past 20 years: Our world is big and complex, but human progress is still about life on the ground, up close and in detail. Take a granular look at human development around the world here.
  • Minn. school board ends $9 million investment in fossil fuels: After nearly a year of research and consulting with its bank, the school board in St. Paul, Minnesota has joined the growing number of institutions in the state to divest its district's money from fossil fuels and private prisons due to racial disparities in both industries, reports Sahan Journal. “While vulnerable populations, such as those in developing countries, women, children, indigenous groups, people of color, and the financially insecure, have accrued few if any economic benefits from fossil fuels, they disproportionately bear harms,” reads the district’s resolution. Read more here.  
  • Calif.'s San Bernardino and its Sheriff’s Department again called out for discrimination: California's San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and the County of San Bernardino are once again accused of failing to enforce Fair Housing and Civil Rights Act provisions, writes S.E. Williams, executive editor of Black Voice News, in her latest column for “Keeping it Real.” She writes, “This latest taking to task of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is just one more red flag and glaring example of the pervasive racism stemming from the policies of this county and its sheriff’s department.” Read about the allegations and the county's efforts to resolve the discrimination case.

    +: Sacramento: Black Caucus welcomes new members

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