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March 2023 Super Bonus Edition 
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Keeping Diversity Gains in a Recession: How we're thinking about it

Hello this week from Leonor Ayala Polley, URL’s Chief of Business Development and Partnerships. With more layoffs announced over the last week, we wanted to reflect on conversations we’ve been hosting with our clients and our pipeline of candidates and supporters about how to preserve gains in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging during a recession and layoffs.

In mid-December in New York City we hosted our first lunch for DEIB supporters and those interested in the topic. And on March 1, we hosted a follow up conversation in my home city of San Francisco. Here are my reflections and some headlines about what we learned from those conversations:

What did we want to accomplish?
Our goal was to examine the impact layoffs have on a workplace, the people left behind and a company’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. A key point we raise in these conversations is that even if hiring has stalled at your company and you are a people leader, you can and should be setting up your current employees for success. We also talk about the importance of a continued focus on building a sustainable high-performing work culture where employees feel safe talking about the impact layoffs have had on their new day-to-day. URL Media Recruitment works with employers on how to design and build diverse high-functioning teams so these are conversations we have nearly daily.

What did we learn?
We learned a lot in these conversations. Mainly, these conversations reinforced our belief in the  importance of bringing people together and building community. We also experienced firsthand the catharsis these conversations have on those trying to advance and promote DEIB in the workplace. 

How are we moving the conversation forward?
We will continue to host these conversations in key cities across the country and grow cohorts in different communities to hold space for people leaders and candidates alike to talk openly about the challenges and share solutions. Later this year, we will be sharing a white paper based on our findings! More on that soon! 

What are we committed to as a company?
URL Media Recruitment is committed to a sustained focus on approaching BIPOC candidates through a lens of affirmation – what we bring to the table, not what we are missing. And for our clients, we are committed to challenging you in the best of ways as you think about your hiring needs and practices.

And on that note, next week on Wednesday, April 5 at 2 pm ET we are hosting our third webinar for folks impacted by layoffs.

The webinar will feature breakout rooms for small-group conversations including:

  • Senior Recruiter Sonali Kohli and I will be talking about how to prepare for job interviews and informational conversations.
  • Career and leadership coach Phoebe Gavin will host a breakout session on why networking is now more important than your resume.
  • Journalist and mental wellness coach Leslie Rangel will host a breakout session on maintaining your mental health during the job search.  

Please register here and join us! 

Register Here

Conference Scholarship

URL Media is sponsoring a scholarship for a BIPOC journalist to attend the Public Media Journalists Association conference in San Antonio, TX from June 21-23. The scholarship provides registration and a $500 travel stipend.

To apply, email your name, your interest in the URL scholarship and a recorded spot – no longer than 45 seconds – that answers the question, β€œHow would attending PMJA 2023 impact me?” to by April 1.
Apply Here

Job Board 

URL Media is recruiting for these open roles. Contact if you're interested in learning more about any of them. 

πŸ“Œ Position: Managing Editor
Company: Washington Post
Compensation: Dependent on experience
Location: Washington, DC

πŸ“Œ Position: Sales Executive
Company: URL Media
Compensation: $65,000 β€” $75,000 plus commission
Location: Remote
Company: MacArthur Foundation
Compensation: $116,000+
Location: Chicago, IL

πŸ“Œ Position: Express Desk Editor
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $100,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD

πŸ“Œ Position: Newsletter Editor
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $70,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD

πŸ“Œ Position: Express Reporter
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $55,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD
πŸ“Œ Position: Local News Editor
Company: The Baltimore Banner
Compensation: $100,000+
Location: Baltimore, MD

The following are job openings with URL partners or affiliate organizations who we love. We encourage you to apply directly!

πŸ“Œ Position: Director of Development
Company: The Laura Flanders Show
Compensation: $60,000-$80,0000
Location: Remote

πŸ“Œ Position: Membership Manager
Company: WURD Radio
Compensation: $50,000 - $60,000
Location: Philadelphia, PA

πŸ“Œ Position: Morning Drive Producer
Company: WURD Radio
Compensation: $50,000 - $55,000
Location: Philadelphia, PA

πŸ“Œ Position: Senior Sales Account Executive
Company: WURD Radio
Compensation: Dependent on experience
Location: Philadelphia, PA

πŸ“Œ Position: Cultural Reporter
Company: Haitian Times
$75- $150 per article*
Location: Remote in South Florida
*(We've corrected this from last time, apologies for sharing the incorrect number)

πŸ“Œ Position: Special Events Coordinator (Part-time)
Company: Haitian Times
Compensation: $25/hour, 10-15 hours/week

Location: Remote in South Florida

πŸ“Œ Position: Tech Product Manager
Company: Pulso
Compensation: $67,000 - $75,000

Location: Remote

πŸ“Œ Position: Ejecutivo de Ventas
Company: La Noticia
Compensation: Base salary + commission

Location: Remote
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