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January 2023 Edition 
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Every month we round up the latest career tips, insights and job opportunities from our multi-platform network of Black and Brown media organizations. 

URL Media runs a
highly successful recruitment arm and has placed some of the top media executives in the country. 
Why compete when we could partner? 

Hello and Happy 2023! Leonor Ayala Polley, URL Media’s Chief Business Development and Partnerships Officer, coming to you this week from New York City. I am starting the new year at Columbia University as part of the 2023 Sulzberger Fellows cohort. More on this in a future newsletter!

As 2022 came to a close we hope you took some time to rest, reflect and celebrate your accomplishments over the last year. Now, we are all full steam ahead planning and plotting how we are going to disrupt 2023. And one of the disruptive ideas of 2022 that we carry and are building on in 2023 is our partnership with a “competitor” in the recruitment space - The Diversity Pledge Institute [DPI].

URL Media’s recruitment team partners with DPI to tackle challenges around recruitment, placement and retention of talent of color in newsrooms, media companies and media-adjacent non-profits. We meet often and share best practices, strategies and our contacts — even though newsrooms mostly hire each of our organizations independently. Our partnership may seem unorthodox but  we approach our work from a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity, which ultimately means more opportunities for the candidates we work with.

Below are excerpts from my recent conversation with Larry Graham, the founder of The Diversity Pledge Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) created to provide free help to journalists on everything from salary negotiations to skills training to finding new roles. DPI also works with newsrooms and media organizations to improve the retention of people of color and underrepresented groups in their workplaces.

URL Media Chief of Partnerships and Business Development  Leonor Ayala PolleyLeonor Ayala Polley, URL Media: Your work with URL Media predates my joining the company. And quite frankly, when I first joined URL Media as a part-timer in the Summer of 2021 I raised an eyebrow at your participation in our weekly recruiting meetings. In all my years working in corporate America, it has never been my experience that a company would partner with a competitor and share all kinds of what would be considered proprietary information during a weekly internal meeting. I quickly reframed that thinking, especially now working in a fully BIPOC space, and appreciate how we uplift each other and help each other’s organizations grow and thrive. What does our partnership mean to you?

Diversity Pledge Institute founder Larry GrahamLarry Graham, Founder, The Diversity Pledge Institute: The Diversity Pledge Institute's partnership with URL Media’s recruitment practice is a symbol of collaboration at its finest. It’s two distinct organizations working together towards a similar end – and that is helping and elevating journalists of color.  We are doing this work together and not as competitors but as allies. Many times a newsroom will come to us seeking recruiting help while simultaneously reaching out to URL Media to do the same and they don’t necessarily know that we collaborate and share information with each other.

The beauty of our partnership is that we elevate and model inclusiveness, equity and diversity in how we work. Our partnership is a sign of what is possible if we expand our thinking. Our teams are so incredibly diverse and we are both profitable. I have learned so much from working with your team – in particular about strategy and going beyond tactical methods. It has been a wonderful exchange of ideas and information. Together, we are creating real change in this industry and doing it in a way that hasn’t been done before. Some organizations go years without establishing a partnership, and we developed a partnership from the beginning.

Leonor: This work is important to you personally –why?

Larry: I’d love to work in a newsroom again, but so many newsrooms are not good for my mental health. Newsrooms need to invest more in supporting and nurturing inclusion from the top down. They also need more training for their hiring managers and people leaders to help build community in the workplace.

We’ve all worked with managers who lacked management training, which led to many sticky issues. I’ve also worked in environments where it is okay for someone to use the N-word without repercussions. As a Black man, I’ve rarely benefited from the adage “give him the benefit of the doubt” but have almost consistently had to prove myself repeatedly. When I play “devil’s advocate” it gets conflated with insubordination. 

There is a lot of work to be done in order to make newsrooms workplaces where everyone can thrive. I believe together, we are cracking the code on how to move the needle on this work – and there are so many workplaces that can lean into our expertise. I am looking forward to growing our partnership,expanding our footprint and collaborating with newsrooms across the globe.

Learn more about DPI here. And you can always reach out to our team at URL Media, Leonor Ayala Polley and Sonali Kohli.

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Let's Talk Careers: the What's Next Workshop

If you missed our last one, we're once again hosting a free virtual workshop for folks who have been laid off or are at a career crossroads. Join us on Jan. 20 at 1 pm ET to discuss:
  • Building a wealth cushion/portfolio career
  • How to think about your resume
  • What employers want

Sponsored Spotlight:

The Spencer Education Journalism Fellowship 

The Spencer Fellowship for Education Reporting is a yearlong program based at Columbia Journalism School, open to journalists and educators who want to develop and publish an ambitious long-form journalism project that advances public understanding of education. The fellowship combines study and research with advising from faculty experts at Columbia, Teachers College and elsewhere. 

Candidates submit applications online by Feb. 1, 2023 for the following academic year. Two Residential fellows commit to the program full time and are expected to live near the Columbia campus in order to participate in events, take classes, and meet with their mentors, scholars, students and researchers during the course of the year. Two Non-residential fellows live and work off campus and will design their reporting, study and research plans with their mentors and the director of the program. They may continue to work part-time. If you are interested in learning more, email fellowship recruiter Barbara Kantrowitz. 

📌 Position: Residential Fellowship
Program: Spencer Education Journalism Fellowship
 $85,000 stipend and $7,500 for project related expenses
Location: New York, NY

📌 Position: Non-residential Fellowship 
Spencer Education Journalism Fellowship
Compensation: $43,000 stipend and $7,500 for project related expenses
Location: Remote
Apply Here

Job Board 

URL Media is recruiting for these open roles. Contact if you're interested in learning more about any of them. 

📌 Position: Executive Director
Company: Student Press Law Center
Compensation: $
Location: Remote with regular travel to DC office expected

📌 Position: Senior Audience Engagement Editor
Company: Slate
Compensation: $71,000 - $100,000
Location: Remote

Company: MLK50
Compensation: $65,000
Location: Memphis, TN

The following are job openings with URL partners or affiliate organizations who we love. We encourage you to apply directly!

📌 Position: Editor-in-Chief
Company: Scalawag
Compensation: $
Location: Remote within the U.S. South 

📌 Position: Creative Director
Company: Scalawag
Location: Remote within the U.S. South (preference given to Atlanta, New Orleans, and Durham)

📌 Position: Senior Writer & Editor
Company: Better Life Lab
$ $80,000 - $100,000
Location: Hybrid in Washington, DC or Remote

📌 Position: Science Reporter
Company: Outlier Media
Location: Detroit, MI

📌 Position: Visual Journalist
Company: Outlier Media
Location: Detroit, MI

📌 Position: Writer
Company: PushBlack
$55,018 - $72,011
Location: Remote

📌 Position: Digital Content Associate (Social Media)
Company: PushBlack
 $43,580 - $62,666
Location: Remote

📌 Position: Chief of Staff
Company: PushBlack
$103,272 - $166,138
Location: Remote

📌 Position: Chief Copy Editor (News Desk)
Compensation: Based on experience

Location: Remote with offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune
📌 Position: Freelance Audio Field Reporter(s)
Company: Our Body Politic
Compensation: $60/hr
Location: Remote / Based in PA, GA, FL, NC, TX
We are currently working with a mix of media, nonprofits, and other organizations to source and hire for executive roles. If you are a senior-level media professional looking to pivot, contact us. 

Please fill out our candidate intake form or email ( to inquire. 
As a job candidate, there are no fees associated with working with URL. We look forward to adding you to our pipeline! 

Uplift. Respect. Love.
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URL Media runs a highly successful recruitment arm and has placed some of the top media executives in the country. If you’d like to be informed of further opportunities, drop us a line at with your resume or LinkedIn profile. If you're looking for top talent, drop us a line on how we might work together!  
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