Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those Bards peddling now, oh,
it's free??

We've included some free Pathfinder content for you, our valued fan, to enjoy. This month we offer some content from Path of Dragons and Path of Villians, which is available soon!


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News and Updates!

New Products!

We have quiet the line up coming from Legendary Games. Some of the products you can expect from us include:
Mythic Line Up
  • Mythic Monsters: Aliens (Akata, Flumph, Contemplative, Shobhad, Brethedan, Aballonian, Lunarma, Witchwyrd, Intellect Devourer, Moonflower, Dragonkin, Xanthos, And a new monster based on The Thing (no, not Ben Grimm, JOHN CARPENTER))
  • Mythic Monsters: Aberrations (Choker, Ettercap, Rust Monster, Vampiric Mist, Mimic, Otyugh, Cloaker, Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing, Roper, Froghemoth, Vemerak, Veiled Master, And a new monster called the Zyoselak that floats around inside acidic bubbles and I DON’T EVEN KNOW MAKEITSTOP!)
  • Mythic Monsters: Constructs  
  • Mythic Monsters: Guardians of Good
  • Mythic Monsters: Mythos Too
  • Mythic Monsters: Emissaries of Evil
  • Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells – every spell from the APG and ARG made mythic
  • Mythic Magic: Ultimate Spells – every spell from UM and UC made mythic
  • Mythic Monsters: COLOSSAL
  • Path of Dragons (Over 20 new draconic mythic Universal Monster Rules plus seven entirely new draconic paths, each with 4-5 new unique mythic draconic powers :The Arcanius, The Miser, The Sinister, The Skylord, The Titan, The Tyrant, and The Watcher)
  • Path of villains (Villainous base mythic abilities and mythic path abilities to even out the action economy and ability imbalance to better match the heroes!). 1st-Tier or Rank Villainous Path Abilities: escape plan, flesh wound, harder to kill, one step ahead, villain's defiance, villainous initiative, villainous power, villainous reactions, villainous recovery, villainous surge. 3rd-Tier or Rank Villainous Path Abilities: bloody recovery, harrier of heroes, impervious, nemesis, villainous counter, villainous resilience, villainous saves. 6th-Tier or Rank Villainous Path Abilities: back from the grave, bloodtheft, never defeated, triumph of the will. 10th-Tier or Rank Villainous Path Abilities: ultimate villain
Pirate Line Up
  • Treasury of the Fleet
  • Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle
  • Pirate Codex (Dozens of stat blocks for pirates in all kinds of roles, from low-level scallywags to high-ranking pirate lords.)
  • Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor’s Hand (A fast-moving race against time as 8th-level pirate PCs try to plunder a richly laden merchant ship that has run aground before it sinks or other pirates steal your prize!)
  • Fort Scurvy (A fully detailed pirate king’s fort, set to guard a hazardous harbor at the heart of his watery domain!)
  • Nautical Heroes: Pregenerated Characters (Eight richly detailed characters for use as PCs, cohorts, rivals, or enemies in a nautical or piratical campaign, including connections to the official AP, advancement notes, and more.
  1. Cathran Tyvirian (Half-Elf Cleric of the Goddess of Dreams)
  2. Lumis Prindle (Halfling sea singer Bard)
  3. Miriel Kalantee (Elf Sea Witch)
  4. Ondirra Shirahz (Undine Flowing Monk)
  5. Evon Bloodbeak (Tengu Swashbuckler Rogue)
  6. Silvio Devaulis (Human Oracle of Waves)
  7. Taren Torrenato (Human Buccaneer Gunslinger)
  8. Aethan Calder (Human Swashbuckler) – using the new hybrid classes from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide)
Ultimate War - Coming in August 2014
An expansion volume to Ultimate Battle that takes warfare into the sky with aerial mass combat and into the sea with simple, abstracted naval combat, integrating air, sea, and land operations into one system. Offers an alternative combined arms approach to modular army building incorporating several types of soldiers in one unit. Deals with mercenaries, siege warfare, and other special cases found on fantasy battlefields, with integration of the troop subtype as a transitional tool from mass combat to standard Pathfinder combat.

Sci-Fi Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

One thing Legendary Games has been looking to do is to start developing our own Intellectual Property, things that we can play with to our heart’s content. This includes things within the Pathfinder RPG, as well as entirely new products of our own, like the new Splintered Godhood project spearheaded by Clinton J. Boomer.
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Latest Reviews



Just when I was resigned to keep hating the path-ability Mythic Minis, this one comes along – sans lame metagaming, sans problematic mechanics and with a stunningly awesome “Blaze of Glory”-style ability. Jason Nelson delivers this time around with a truly neat mythic mini. My only gripes here would be the blank space and the somewhat uninspired 3rd tier ability, making this still by far the best path-ability-pdf of the Mythic Mini series so far. My final verdict will hence clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded down to 4 by a small margin.

Read The Full Review Here | Purchase Universal Path Abilities

Who let the Gnome talk?

It's only funny until someone loses an eye!

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New Products Available

Mythic Monsters:
Magical Beasts
Mythic Minis: Mythic Martial Arts IV
Mythic Minis: Mythic Martial Arts IV
Islands of Plunder:
Treasury of the Fleet
Mythic Monsters:
Monstrous Humanoids
Islands of Plunder:
Scourge of the Steaming Isle


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