Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those bards peddling now, oh it's free?? Like Myths and Legends Volume 36 on Facebook

Meet Ardimaius Trente. This young human fighter is a member of the city guard. He is a martial master and has made a name for himself as a skilled swordsman. Ardimaius is from the Crimson Heroes book that is the newest release in the Red Queen Adventure Path Plug-ins.

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What's New with Legendary?

We have not one but TWO BIG SALES for both Pathfinder and 5E
  • Starting Wednesday 11/25/16 The Open Gaming Store will have almost our entire line at 40% off for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. 
  • From now through the end of November, 5E fans can save HUGE with our 20 FOR 20 Sale, getting TWENTY 5th Edition PDFs with over 550 pages of content for just $20! Purchase from any of the sites below for the sale:
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Legendary Games now on SYRINSCAPE

Paris Crenshaw has created some custom SoundPacks with the help from Syrinscape’s creator Benjamin Loomes. This has been the first time a third party publisher has supplied their own sounds for a module they have published. The first three soundsets (Corbin Village, Tiller’s Marsh, and In the Cave) are available now and designed for The Bandit’s Cave, which is the first of five all-age adventure modules in the Trail of the Apprentice Adventure Path. Legendary Games also plans to supply more SoundPacks for the next four adventures: The King’s Curse, The Thieves’ Den, The Oracle’s Test, and The Wizard’s Dungeon.  You can read the full press release on it here:  LEGENDARY GAMES CREATES CUSTOM SOUNDS WITH SYRINSCAPE FOR KID’S RPG

Coming Down the Pipeline...

We've got plenty more great products coming your way like Asian Archetypes: Martial. This product features a dozen new archetypes for martial classes for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, plus a very detailed character ready to use out of the box to show off some of the neat new stuff in here. Check out the table of contents!

Mythic Monsters 44: Elementals will be out next month, by Alex Riggs, Jason Nelson, and Victoria Jaczko, which will include lightning, ice, magma, and mud elementals, mephits, magmin, crysmals, anemos, veelas, and more!

The Robot Summoner is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game character class supplement that merges sorcery and science. It can be used in any campaign blending magic and machines, but it is also an ideal accessory to the Metal Gods Adventure Path (#85-90) from Paizo, Inc. The power of magic and machinery are melded in a marvelous way with this exciting variant class.

The steel soul is an unchained summoner infused and infested with nanite probes that connect him with vast and inscrutable alien devices from computers to interplanetary portals, allowing him to tap into eldritch energies and malleable matter and reshape both into robotic servants and soldiers. What a typical summoner accomplishes through pure magic and entreaties to the powers of the planes, the steel soul performs through an impossible interface with technologies far beyond his understanding. Turn the tables on all who would stand against you and show what your esoteric studies into the extraterrestrial can do in the campaign. Your enemies will tremble beneath the steely gaze and iron fist of your robot army!

We've got plenty more great products coming your way like Starfall and Ultimate War for 5E! 

New Products Available Now!

Legendary Planet
The Scavenged Codex 5E
Crimson Heroes
Pre-generated Characters
Legendary Villains:
Ancient Idols
20 5E Products
for only $20!
Mythic Module Monsters: Red Throne 1 thru 3 available
Scorpion of Perdition 5E
Mythic Monsters Africa

Who let the Gnome talk?

It's only funny until someone loses an eye! Like Myths and Legends Volume 36 on Facebook

Latest Reviews



Neil Spicer and Jeff Provine’s pregens for Legendary Planet are significantly cooler than I expected them to be, to be quite frank. Their damage output and general strength is well on a line, with none outshining the others as better minmaxed or worse built than their compatriots – the characters, in short, provide a concise array of characters that work well as an adventuring party. More than that, the characters actually feel like…well, characters. Not just accumulations of stats, but actual, fully-rounded people that are more than the sum of their stats and tropes. This is a perfect array of pregens for the AP: Read #1, hand these to your player’s and voilà, Sword & Planet action from the get-go! As such, this does its job very well and my final verdict will hence clock in at 5 stars, I really enjoyed the characters…which is why this also gets my seal of approval!

Read The Full Review Here | Purchase Planetary Heroes

Gaming Paper Isometric Paper - ENDS IN 3 DAYS!
  • Huge 12 foot by 30-inch rolls of isometric paper to give your players an immersive 3D gaming experience.
  • Gaming Paper Vinyl Dry Erase Mat (one side 1" squares and Isometric on second side, measures 34 1/2"x48")
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Raid on the Emperor's Hand is a Pathfinder adventure for 8th level characters. This adventure can be played alone but is easily dropped into any ocean voyage or as part of a full-fledged seafaring pirate campaign. Purchase it now d20pro maketplace.

Or check out the other adventures available.
Now Available on Fantasy Grounds:
Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary PF

View all available modules here:

Hero Handbook and our Heroes Pregen Line coming soon!

Pick up the Mythic Spell Compendium or Gothic Compendium as well
The Bandit’s Cave Soundpacks NOW AVAILABLE HERE!

Coming Soon: The King’s Curse, The Thieves’ Den, The Oracle’s Test, and The Wizard’s Dungeon.
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