Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those Bards peddling now, oh,
it's free??

We've included some free Pathfinder content for you, our valued fan, to enjoy. This month we offer some advance content from Faerie Mysteries, which should be out and coming soon.

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News and Updates!

MORE Mythic Mondays to come!

With the release of Mythic Minis 10: Universal Path Abilities, we’ve reached the end of the first 10 Mythic Minis that we originally announced! Sharp-eyed readers will also note that we had a bit of a shuffle at the tail end of that batch: Feats of Stealth and Archmage Path Abilities were originally slated as #9 and #10, but sometimes inspiration strikes in different directions or certain products get done sooner than others, so there may be a bit of shuffling in the queue from time to time. Still, it’s time to unveil the projected next ten Mythic Minis!

Mythic Minis 11: Feats of Grappling
Mythic Minis 12: Hierophant Path Abilities
Mythic Minis 13: Feats of Protection
Mythic Minis 14: Archmage Path Abilities
Mythic Minis 15: Feats of Wrestling
Mythic Minis 16: Universal Path Abilities II
Mythic Minis 17: Feats of Dirty Fighting
Mythic Minis 18: Mythic Martial Arts I
Mythic Minis 19: Feats of Sneaking
Mythic Minis 20: Mythic Martial Arts II



Our autumn Kickstarter of last year is officially winding down to its conclusion, as with a yeoman’s effort – well, several yeomen and a yeowoman – we have completed our PDF compilations for the Far East AP Plug-Ins and the Kingdom-Building AP Plug-Ins, the latter catchily renamed as the River Kings Campaign Compendium!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Kickstarter backers, especially (though not only) those that pledged for these compilations. I hope you enjoy what you now hold in your virtual hands and that you look forward to our next Kickstarter project… which just so happens to be STARTING NEXT MONTH!!!

It’s gonna be a MYTHIC MARCH!!! And you have no idea just how mythic. But you will, and soon. I’ll open it up to you soon, and I hope you’ll agree that the design we have is truly Legendary… maybe even genius. :)

Ultimate War Ultimate Update #2

We gave you a rather cryptic table last update and pondered what it could mean. Well, what do the Crimson Wardens, the White Lions of Dagelmar, the Wild Fist, and Mandor’s Filthy Legion have in common? They are just four of the gazillion possible combinations you might create with our Random Mercenary Band Generator! In addition to generating names from the classic to the ridiculous (Mandor’s Filthy Fist, anyone? You don’t know where that hand has been!), you can randomize the size, composition, and tactics of each mercenary band, connecting it to your campaign world. Not in the mood to spend the afternoon populating your game world with mercenary bands? No problem! Ultimate War provides you with a collection of pregenerated mercenary bands ready to use out of the box!

The next slice of Ultimate War I’m tackling is the interface of adventurers and armies, including the use of the troop subtype as a bridge between mass battles between units and person-to-person combat in the classic gaming tradition. The impact of solo heroes on a mass combat scenario is always tricky, but the rules herein are designed to help you move smoothly between layers of a battlefield scenario to reach for that epic feeling of your characters being right in the midst of a dynamic battle moving all around them. Hopefully we’ll succeed! Stay tuned for further Ultimate Updates as we race on to getting this product done!
Hoist the colors high!

Hoist the colors high!
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This monster is RIGGed!!!

And by rigged I mean unfair, and by unfair I mean deadly, and by deadly I mean “DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN WHAT IS THIS THING EATING MY CHARACTER?!?!?!?!” That’s exactly the kind of reaction you want when you bust out one of the creatures from our Mythic Monsters series on your unsuspecting players. Alistair Rigg, well known Down Under for his work with the Australian Pathfinder Society, also has a keen eye for detail and a great sense for the Pathfinder RPG, and he lent his aid to fellow Aussie Matt Goodall in creating our delightful adventure, Horns of the Hunted, and he went on from there to help with proofreading a number of our products. Read more about ylrygoi qlippoth
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Latest Reviews


Endzeitgeist Feb 4t

I’m a sucker for mythos-threats, as just about all of you by now will probably know, and these mythic creatures are actually CLOSER to what mythos creatures should be able to do than the base creatures, which, at least for me, more often than not fall short of the weirdness they should be able to accomplish. The authors Tom Phillips, Jonathan Keith, Jim Groves and Jason Nelson have delivered a bestiary, which I will use to represent mythos-threats in non-mythic games – these beings should evoke terror and that they do, thanks to the vast array of unique, new, cool abilities! The amount of iconic signature abilities, the cool supplemental material – that’s the icing on the cake and more than enough to offset the rare case when one particular version does not 100% live up to the level of awesomeness of the others. The inconsistent hyperlinking would be my only other gripe, but at least for me, that’s not enough to rate down a supplement that vastly enhances the alien terror and thus enriches our games – not necessarily exclusively on a mythic level. My final verdict will hence clock in at 5 stars + seal of approval.

Read Full Review Here | Purchase Mythos


Feb 7

As usual the creatures span a wide range of CR/MR and all present a reasonable challenge for their CR to my mind. Base stats and abilities are as you’d expect and Mythic feat selection is sensible adding to each creature’s ability with few, if any, sub-par choices. I’ve said in previous reviews what makes mythic creatures really shine for me are those unique mythic abilities it gets over the base creature. As I’ve come to expect the abilities are well thought and complement the theme of the creatures very well.  Again I will highlight some of my favourites.
Invisible Stalker: It has a death attack, yep that’s right the assassin class ability. Now you can tremble in fear any time the air shifts mysteriously somewhere near you. OF course should it choose to activate its electric field and supercharge the air around it (it is an air outsider after all) you may just be content with electrical damage that simply bypasses non mythic protection, oh it just loves those heavily armoured types in their metal shells don’t you know.

Salamander: Fire seems to get all the love. Confirmed criticals erupt into punishing fiery blasts, and trace a winding ‘snaking path of fiery doom’ from their target (well a fire snake spell really but I prefer snaking path of fiery doom), punishment for their foe and his allies! Add to that the fact that these mythic creatures have regeneration that can only be overcome by the weapons that they forge (or mythic cold :), but don’t tell anyone that) and the often disappointing CR 6 creature becomes a deadly CR 8 source of fiery death.

Read Full Review Here | Purchase INNER PLANES PDF

Who let the Gnome talk?

It's only funny until someone loses an eye!

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