Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those Bards peddling now,
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We've included three magic items, one from the Treasury of the Crusade, one from the Treasury of the Kingdom, and one from the Treasury of the Pharaohs:

Download Preview of Mythic Monster Manual

Coming down the pipeline...

  • The Assimilation Strain by Tom Phillips and Neil Spicer
  • Legendary Classes: The General by Linda Zayas-Palmer and Will McCardell
  • Royal Tournaments by Jason Nelson
  • Tomb Raiders by Jim Groves, Mike Shel, Jonathan H. Keith, and Benjamin Bruck
  • Scorpions of Perdition by Nicolas Logue
  • Mythic Monsters: Colossal by Jason Nelson and Mike Welham
  • Treasury of the Pharaohs by Thurston Hillman and Jason Nelson
  • Legendary Classes: Paladins by Amber Scott and Jason Nelson
  • Mythic Monsters: Bugs by Jason Nelson, Jonathan H. Keith, and Mike Welham
  • Starfall by Tom Phillips and Mike Welham

  • Cyborgs by Tim Hitchcock and Russ Taylor
  • Legendary Classes: Rogues by Matt Goodall, Jason Nelson, and Clinton J. Boomer
  • Ultimate Prestige: Villains by Jason Nelson
  • Mythic Monsters: Animals by Mike Welham, Jason Nelson, and Jonathan H. Keith

New Products Available

The Haunted Hamlet
of Raven's Hill (5th Edition)
Path of the Genius
Mythic Skills
Metal Heroes
Path of the Stranger
Treasury of the Crusade

Who let the Gnome talk?

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Latest Reviews



All right, let’s not mince words here: Jason Nelson is an extremely prolific writer and the average level of quality of his writing is very high, impressively so. But even taking that into account, once in a while, he produces a pdf that simply excels, that goes above and beyond, that puts its metaphorical finger at a certain pulse in the rules.

This pdf is one such example. It oozes heart’s blood and passion – it analyzes the things that made dragons less fearsome and allows for valid counter strategies. It goes above and beyond what one can see in several similar draconic toolkits and produces rock-solid crunch that belongs to a very special type: Know those instances, when sometimes, just reading a rule sets your imagination ablaze, makes you go “Heck yeah, THAT’S how it ought to have been in the first place!”? Well, this pdf is just such a file.

I love this pdf – it is utterly and totally glorious and oozes passion, while providing more than solid rules-design. My final verdict will clock in at 5 stars +seal of approval, given without any hesitation. This is a superb example and an excellent reminder of the excellence Jason Nelson is capable of. This is a total must buy pdf.

Read The Full Review Here | Purchase Path of Dragons

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