Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those bards peddling now, oh it's free?? Like Happy Holidays! Myths and Legends Volume 37 on Facebook

Ultimate War 5E brings you a ton of great material for siege warfare, including magical siege weapons and siege tactics from blockade to escalade! Check out two of the Wondrous Items and two of the Weapons!

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What's New with Legendary?

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Celebrate the season of giving with treasures galore with this spectacular sale, featuring 18 amazing PDFs containing an incredible 340 unique magical and technological items for just 10 dollars!!! You'll find terrific treats for warriors with 80 types of armor, shields, weapons, and weapon special abilities, while magical characters can celebrate with three dozen magical rods, rings, and staves, plus over 150 wondrous items, over 60 technological items, over 40 mythic items, and even 9 artifacts! Grab this incredible collection at over 80% off and make sure your treasure hoard has a happy holiday! BUY NOW!

Note for Treasure bundle & Treasury of Winter

Treasury of Winter had some formatting errors and some missing information on a couple of items. Please re-download the file or zip file for the correct version.

Coming Down the Pipeline...


In this book you'll find 101 spells from 1st to 9th level for 20 different spellcasting classes, from clerics and wizards to psychics, bloodragers, antipaladins, and shamans. From Ancestral Wrath to Word of Pain and all points in between, with combat spells like Tengu Fan and Tetsubo of the Mountain to epic enchantments like Consuming Fire, Rain of Sacred Lotus Blossoms, Marvelous Chopsticks (don't laugh - it's a 9th-level spell), and Glory of the Chrysanthemum Throne!


Legendary Hybrids: Yakuza is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements, introducing a new series of hybrid classes like those in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide that blend the core elements of two different base classes into a unique synergy all their own. The yakuza is a 20-level hybrid class that combines sneakiness and skullduggery with the power of teamwork and organization, bringing together the tactically minded and charismatic cavalier with the shadow-stepping ninja to produce a deadly combination of secret societies and smuggling, wielding the power of their gangs to rule the black markets with equal parts backstabbing and bravado. In addition to the yakuza class and 5 gangs like the Blood Tong and Jade Triad, you'll also find 8 incredible archetypes from the gun runner and tattooed one to junk pirate and flying tiger, plus favored class bonuses, yakuza feats, and a ready-to-use sample yakuza gang boss, Shinsuke Tatsu of the Dragon Lords!  


Monks are the undisputed masters of the martial arts in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and when you peek under the hood in Legendary Monks you'll find 11 incredible new archetypes for traditional and unchained monks, from the thundering leikung to tempest speedsters, the savage singhala to the contemplative yogi, and the fanatic flagellant to the mind-melding psychic cenobite. You'll also find tons of new material for monks of every kind, including 10 new monk vows to build their ki, qinggong monk rules for psychic and occult powers, nearly three dozen monk tattoos from the carp and kappa to the rising sun and great wave, and over 20 new monk feats from Empty Hand Weapon and Wind of Scythes to Sevenfold Stone Curse and Soul of the Gun. A pair of ancient tomes of eldritch wisdom passed down from ancient revered masters completes this book in To Serve Stone's Stern Will and Text of Burning Wind and Iron Rain! Whatever kind of monk you play, you'll find a wealth of wonderful material here to bring even more excitement to the table and pain to your enemies. This fantastic resource for monks by Jason Nelson, Clinton J. Boomer, and Jesse Benner will leave your monks meditating like mad to get their callused fists on the incredible options within.


The sultan’s grand vizier is secretly plotting against him with other members of the court. The guilds are trying to bully small businesses. The neighboring country have spies in the palace. The city guard in the capital are under the pay of the thieves’ guild. The local druid circle aren’t happy about all the farms being built, or the woodcutting in the forest, and want the kingdom’s Councilor to help them persuade the king to put a stop to it.

All of these are themes from fantasy stories, but the core kingdom building rules introduced in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign and expanded in Ultimate Rulership from Legendary Games focus primarily on your heroes and the decisions they make as the ruling council of their own kingdom. With Ultimate Factions, we provide you with detailed rules for different political factions, religious sects, and any number of influential power brokers and wealthy elites devoted to rising up and seizing whatever they can hold. Your heroes may play off their rivals against one another and use their wits to consolidate their own power and secure their throne from threats that can't be defeated by sword or spell. In the great game of houses and thrones, your heroes must triumph!


Mythic Monsters: Elementals brings you an awesome array of elemental enemies from every part of the planes of fundamental matter and energy. These amorphous adversaries range from CR 3 to CR 22, and include true elementals ranging from crackling lightning elementals to suffocating mud elementals and raging-hot magma elementals to deathly frozen ice elementals. There are elemental creates of silent and subtle lethality like the aerial servant and simple wanton pyromaniacal glee like the magmin. Skittering crysmals are as deadly sharp as they are beautiful, and beauty is only the beginning for the nymph-like veela of that inhabit the planes of earth, fire, and water. Like the veela, the manifold mephits are not true elementals but embody the essence of the elemental planes in a way almost familiar to the humanoids who summon them, though the denizens of the elemental planes can be wholly alien like the bizarre aquatic tojanida. Finally, the fierce scanderig forgefiend represents the taming of the power of the elements by craft and artifice, while the majestic anemos represents the power of wild wind and weather from the farthest corners of the world. As if that were not enough, we bring you new spells and feats to push the boundaries of elemental summoning, plus introduce the fission elemental template that shifts from a towering colossus to a seething swarm of raw elemental fury!

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Who let the Gnome talk?

It's only funny until someone loses an eye! Like Happy Holidays! Myths and Legends Volume 37 on Facebook

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Jason Nelson and Victoria Jaczko deliver my favorite treasury in LG’s whole catalog here. I absolutely LOVE the vast majority of the items and adore how they use tropes of folklore, unique twists and generate an incredibly flavorful collection of items. While the original iteration sported several unpleasant hiccups due to something, somewhere, going wrong, the revised iteration is absolutely glorious. Bereft of any serious hiccups, my final verdict, 5 stars + seal of approval. Get these items!

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Sisterhood of the Blade (Anthology) - Pledge
In an age when it is not proper for a woman to be a soldier, three bright, savvy, and well-trained female warriors must hide who they are when they accept the burden of protecting and helping their queen (Anne). But once you meet these three musketeers, you’ll realize proper was never a concern.

New fiction stories by Alana Joli Foster Abbott, Torah Cottrill, Erik Scott de Bie, Rose Estes, Ed Greenwood, August Hahn, Ethan Nahte', Darren Pearce, Jennifer R. Povey, Laura Smith, Lee F Szczepanik Jr, Rachel Ventura. With stretch goal stories by Andrew J Lucas and Monica Marlowe. This kickstarter is going until the wee hours of January 5, 2017.
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Under Frozen Stars 5E
Cold Mountain 5E
Islands of Plunder: Tarin's Crown PF
Islands of Plunder: Spices and Flesh PF

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Pick up the Mythic Spell CompendiumMythic Mythic Monster Manual, or Gothic Compendium as well
The Bandit’s Cave Soundpacks NOW AVAILABLE HERE!

Coming Soon: The King’s Curse, The Thieves’ Den, The Oracle’s Test, and The Wizard’s Dungeon.
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