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Vigilantes are a rarely understood class, and some people assume that they are required to be in an intrigue heavy game to be at their best. But let Legendary Games introduce Legendary Vigilantes. Here is a preview of Arsenal Summoner (Vigilante Archetype).

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Red Queen Adventure Path Plug-Ins! These fantastic products are designed to go hand in hand with the legendary adventure path of intrigue, plagues, murder, and corruption, a fantastic saga with a new deluxe compilation about to release updating it from 3.5 to the current Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules!

An adventure saga that is largely city-based makes it an ideal setting for intrigue-based products and character options for skulduggery and sedition, alongside secrecy and swashbuckling. Whatever your favorite shade of red, from Scarlet to Crimson, there will be blood on the streets in this adventure saga and a ton of great products to enhance your enjoyment, like those below…

Crimson Heroes (Neil Spicer): The latest installment in our epic line of incredibly detailed pregenerated characters, perfect for use as allies and enemies, rivals or new recruits to serve as cohorts, hirelings, or even PCs, each with a rich background and relationships with other characters and the campaign. Plus, you get amazing character portraits by Bob Greyvenstein and character pawns for each one!

Legendary Villains: Vigilantes (Ehn Jolly): Vigilantes are such a versatile class, that we are actually bringing you TWO terrific books, but while Legendary Vigilantes takes the class from the hero’s perspective, this book explores the dark side of the menace behind the mask, with dark and downright scary options for your local malevolent masterminds and freakishly flamboyant felons, from the Gore Fiend and Dread Champion to the unstoppable Crimson Dreadnaught!

The Hero’s Rite (Tom Phillips): This plug-in adventure slots in nicely between adventures #4 and #5 of the series, where the action slips outside of the corrupt city-state for a brief moment into the scarred and burnt hinterlands where the ravages of war have never quite been healed. En route to the great castle of scarred walls, the heroes come upon a deserted watchtower turned charnel house, where a single thoughtless act unleashed grave and deadly evil that turned brother against brother in a festival of slaughter that left no survivors.

Intrigue Archetypes (Jesse Benner, Clinton J. Boomer, Jason Nelson): This wide-ranging book of character options provides a ton of support for all classes concerned with courtly intrigue and back alley shenanigans, including many that were overlooked in the hardback Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue hardback. Whatever kind or character you wish to play, you’ll find amazing options for city and court.

Treasury of the City (LG staff): Urban adventurers need awesome loot too! This installment in our magic item series will bring you dozens of new mundane and magical items of particular interest for PCs whose quests take them through through city streets and range from rooftops to sewers, and in the courtly intrigues of the halls of power whether their enemies are corrupted and supernatural or simply political.

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Horrific Curses
Mythic Magic:
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Mythic Monsters 40:
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Legendary Vigilantes
Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor's Hand 5E
Treasury of the Crusade 5E
Legendary Games print products are now available through DrivethruRPG as print-on-demand and print/PDF bundles. See all our product on our publisher page.

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Liz Courts’ Winter Heroes are an inspired collection of diverse characters that cover a lot of different roles and feature evocative angles. Power-level wise, they are efficient at their respective niches/tasks, but more importantly, their builds represent feasible and organically grown builds – the stats represent the stories and vice versa. With a diverse set of angles, AP leitmotifs reflected in backgrounds and generally great prose, this collection of pregens is well worth 5 stars + seal of approval!

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