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Myths and Legends

What are those Bards peddling now,
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We've included a preview for Beasts of the East by Thurston Hillman. This product is available on our store now. Meet Kami, Neak Ta: The paint on what first appears to be a piece of wood atop an innocuous mound of bricks and twine, changes from garbled words, into a smiling face.

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What's Coming Next from LG?

Beasts of Legend: Beasts of the East
Beasts of the East reaches into the mythological and folkloric wellsprings across Asia to bring you an octet of amazing opponents. Whether your heroes are traveling on an epic transcontinental journey into Eastern lands, like the Far Eastern themed Adventure Path from Paizo Inc. (#49-54), or running a campaign already set in fantastic realms inspired by the Orient, Beasts of the East draws deeply upon the Asian legendarium to bring you creatures not just from the familiar stories of China and Japan, but ranges more broadly into the lore of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Tibet to bring you fantastic foes for your campaign. These creatively constructed creatures comprise  a delightfully novel resource for GMs looking to expand their monster toolkit
The Beasts of Legend series from Legendary Games are not your usual bare-bones bestiaries, but bring you richly detailed and evocatively described monsters drawing upon the myths and legends of the real world with a double dose of fantastic flair. The Boreal Bestiary, Coldwood Codex, and Construct Codex have received lavish praise for their quality and inventiveness, and Beasts of the East follows proudly in their footsteps. The Legendary Games tradition is to combine rich story and background, innovative layout, beautiful aesthetics, and excellence in design that is second to none, allowing you to enliven and enrich your campaign in amazing and exciting ways. This product is the latest in that tradition, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it. Game on!

Mythic Monsters: Shadow
Mythic Monsters: Shadow brings you a dozen and one shadowy sneaks from the realms of endless nocturn. Whether lurking in the dark and hidden places beneath the ground or emerging from beshadowed realms far beyond this mortal coil, there is something terribly cool about creatures of raw and endless darkness. From the sleek and sinister unseelie realms to the coiling, roiling, pits of eternal night, creatures of shadow have always captured our imagination, whether they are simply misunderstood dwellers in darkness or truly villains of the deepest dye. From CR 3 to 25, we bring you the living and the dead that live beyond the light, from simple shadows seeking to blot out the light and drink your life to towering nightwalkers, the devastating heralds of annihilation. The secretive and stealthy dark creepers and dark stalkers lurk within these pages, alongside the misshapen umbral shepherds and the terrifying tenebrous worms that mature into beautiful but deadly gloomwings. A quartet of killer kytons are found, from the bloodthirsty lampadarius and the vivisecting interlocutor to the sinister sacristan and the horrid eremite lords of the kyton race. Finally, the umbral dragon graces these pages with its sleek shimmer-gloom, breathing darkness and devouring light. As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the mysterious shadowpeople exist forever on the edge of sight, their motives as much an enigma as their true face and form. For heroes or villains wishing to tame the shadow, we also present a mythic version of the shadowdancer prestige class, with mythic versions of each and every class feature!
Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics

Evil clerics, though not always a GM’s go-to villain, are plentiful in fantasy games. Myriad options in the form of archetypes and domains already exist, but this book goes further. This product discusses the varied types of evil clerics and the roles they can play as villains in a campaign. A new prestige class, the sinweaver, introduces an unusual take on the classic cleric. Several new archetypes and the new disease domain provide additional ways to customize and augment the powers of evil clerics. The avatar of evil feat tree brings a cleric one step closer to divinity, variant channeling feats add to any cleric’s bag of tricks, and the Craft Cursed Item feat gives mischievous clerics a new way to torment their victims. In addition, a novel selection of items and spells stand ready to outfit an evil cleric with an arsenal of malicious magic.

What begins as a simple rescue mission takes a turn for the surreal when the heroes are abducted by a great silvery egg that whisks them into the stars. Finding themselves aboard a crippled star-faring vessel, long stranded in orbit around the their homeworld, the heroes encounter an enigmatic race of human starfarers, prisoners aboard their own ship by alien foes that threaten their survival even as they menace the heroes' own world. Seeking these alien enemies through tunnels of steel and corridors crackling with energy, the heroes must brave an artificial jungle stocked with fearsome flora and fauna to reach the long-abandoned bowels of the ancient ship, only to come face-to-face with an alien threat of unimaginable horror … an alien threat that has just initiated the ship’s self-destruct sequence!
Starfall is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 13th-level characters that merges sorcery and spacecraft, blending magic and machines with a touch of cosmic horror to create an harrowing journey into danger that is literally out of this world. This adventure can be played on its own or as an accessory to the Metal Gods Adventure Path (#85-90) from Paizo, Inc. Like every product from Legendary Games, it brings together the talents of the top authors and artists in the business to bring you a fantastic play experience at the table and a product that is as pleasurable to read as it is to use. When you combine innovative layout, beautiful aesthetics, and excellence in design that is second to none, that is when you Make Your Game Legendary!

New Products Available

Legendary Games print products are now available through DrivethruRPG as print-on-demand and print/PDF bundles. See all our product on our publisher page.
Beasts of Legend:
Beasts of the East
Mythic Monsters
Occult Character Codex
Mythic Magic
Advanced Spells III
Ultimate Relationships #3
The Cassisian Detective
Occult Character Codex

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This is the first pdf by Pedro Coelho that has made its way under the scrutiny of my gaze and I have to say that I am generally surprised. The content itself, more often than not, manages to evoke truly iconic concepts and imagery – The abyssal carcass read like it was created by Clinton J. Boomer and I mean that as a compliment! The locust rod and quite a few other items herein sport absolutely awesome imagery. I particularly loved the synergy with mass-combat rules and the unique options presented in that context, so kudos once again.

[T]here are quite a few items that definitely make this a worthwhile purchase – hence, my final verdict will clock in at 4.5 stars.

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All the big-box retailers are introducing their holiday shopping events earlier than ever, so Lone Wolf decided to out-do them and hold a huge sale at the end of October. They aren’t selling the latest gaming console at a steep discount, but they do have deals on Hero Lab packages, including exclusive sale bundles at up to 50% off!
This multi-week sale includes discounts for both new and veteran Hero Lab users, as well as deals for some of your favorite game systems. Pathfinder players can save up to 40% with the new Mega Bundles for both Player Companion and Campaign Setting books. And for the first time ever, Hero Lab users can purchase packages like the Advanced Race GuideUltimate CampaignDeep Magic, and save anywhere from 20-40% off 30 different Pathfinder deals!
The sale ends Sunday, November 8, so head over to their website and don’t miss out on these limited-time discounts!


Hero Lab Testers Needed!


For those of you who backed for the HeroLab add-on, we are coming in on final approach with having those files ready. We'll be releasing files for each of the three books as they become available, but before finalizing the Mythic Hero's Handbook (the first book up) we need some HeroLab vets who can put the test files through their paces.

If you backed for the HeroLab add-on and you're interested in being a beta tester for the HeroLab files, email us at, and I'll forward on the names to the folks doing our HeroLab conversions. We need only a limited number of testers, but those who don't get in for the Mythic Hero's Handbook we'll try to assign as testers to one of the other two books.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to getting these files to you very soon!

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