Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those Bards peddling now, oh,
it's free??

We've included some free Pathfinder content for you, our valued fan, to enjoy. This month we offer some content from Mythic Monsters: Dragons, which is available soon!


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News and Updates!

New Products!

We are also proud to announce the addition of two brand-new products to the schedule: Path of Dragons and Path of Villains, both by Jason Nelson. Path of Dragons brings you a raft of new Universal Monster Rules specifically designed to make the dragons in your mythic campaign a whole lot more amazing, from bloodied breath and constricting coils to death throes and winged tempest, but it doesn't end there! This product also includes a series of draconic mythic archetypes to fill iconic dragon personalities and roles not just with roleplay but with inventive mechanics that bring these dragons to life, including the Arcanius, Miser, Sinister, Skylord, Titanic, Tyrant, and Watcher dragons!
Path of Villains explores the unique nature and role of villains in a mythic game, and introduces a set of guiding principles for making villains in your campaign as memorable as they are malevolent. As with Path of Dragons (product it can be used in conjunction with to create magnificent mythic dragon villains), it also provides robust mechanical backing for the philosophical premises it offers by introducing an entirely new mythic path, the villain path, which is an overlay system suitable for use with both mythic ranks and mythic tiers and with a broad range of villainous path abilities from impervious and villainous recovery to nemesis and back from the grave. Your mythic villains will be pushovers no more when you place them on the Path of Villains.


The design team at Legendary Games is pleased and proud to announce the launch of our first full-scale adventure path, the LEGENDARY PLANET project. This is something we’ve been talking about privately for a while, collecting source material and images, brainstorming themes and with the success of MYTHIC MANIA we are ready to start moving ahead in earnest.

Early concept art and logos for Legendary Planet, by Frank Hessefort

To do this we have gathered a crew of the finest adventure-writers on the planet to make it happen:

Neil Spicer   ~   Richard Pett  ~   Mike Shel  ~   Tim Hitchcock
Matt Goodall  ~   Jim Groves  ~   Nicolas Logue

These seven stalwarts, each veterans of multiple Pathfinder Adventure Path modules, will be weaving a tale of cosmic fantasy spanning worlds where the magical, the mental, the mutational, and the mechanical collide.

At its heart, LEGENDARY PLANET is a sword-and-planet saga in the best pulp tradition, focused on adventures roaming strange worlds and civilizations, and wandering from world to world through ancient portal gates. It is not a soaring postmodern space opera full of starships and hyperdrives. Instead, it focuses on what happens on a dizzying cavalcade of alien landscapes beneath distant suns, surrounded by a menagerie of worldwalkers of every description. If you are envisioning the Mos Eisley spaceport, with a healthy dose of John Carter of Mars crossed with Thundarr the Barbarian, you’re coming into the same sector of space as LEGENDARY PLANET.

So, when you say Adventure Path, what do you mean exactly?

This will be the same kind of AP you would expect from Paizo, Inc., spanning an entire campaign from low level to high. Our current working plan is for PCs to start at 3rd level with their first mythic tier already, but we may revisit the idea of creating a 1st-level prequel or introductory adventure, possibly as a product for Free RPG Day. Characters should be able to rise to 20th level in the course of the campaign.

Do you need to use the mythic rules to play LEGENDARY PLANET?

On the GM’s side, the mythic rules will be baked into the design of the adventures, but on the player’s side there is no reason they cannot be played by PCs without players having to use the mythic rules. The adventures will be challenging for non-mythic characters, but that’s purely a matter of player and GM taste.

So is this just one planet?

No. In a way, LEGENDARY PLANET is something of a misnomer, because every planet where mythic stuff happens can be a LEGENDARY PLANET. It’s not that there is just one planet where all of the mythic stuff happens, though the setting concept may involve certain crossroads or nexus worlds where PCs are far more likely to encounter things from any part of the universe.

Is there a campaign setting involved?

Yes, but not in the heavily proscribed sense. There are already plenty of interesting planets at least preliminarily discussed in products like the aforementioned product about Worlds that are Distant from the official makers of the Pathfinder RPG, but the universe is vast, and there is an infinitude of worlds out there. The gateways left behind by the progenitor races can be used to walk between worlds, including “official” planets in published settings, but they can also take us anywhere our designers dream up. Adventures will include setting material, and we will also be designing a Legendary Planet Player’s Companion to accompany the AP.

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We want to send out a huge thank you to every supporter of our MYTHIC MANIA Kickstarter, run in concert with Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Dreamscarred Press. The final tally, including backers via Paypal: $70,012!!! A great success, and one that we’ll be working to fulfill throughout the remainder of this year and into next year even as we continue working within our other great product lines.
We hope you enjoy every product you receive from Legendary Games, and always seek to continue building our reputation for outstanding quality (and whenever a problem does arise, equally outstanding service).

Again, many thanks to all of our friends and supporters, and I look forward to sharing some amazing products with you as the Legendary train rolls on!
Jason Nelson
Also check out our friend, Christina Stiles' kickstarter Strange Brew: The Ultimate Witch & Warlock, a 256-page, full-color hardback Pathfinder book on witches and warlocks, with spells, ritual magic, patrons, covens, and familiars. Pledge today, ends Wed, Jun 11 2014 9:02 PM.


Coming soon the second

installment of the Pirate

Adventure Path Plug-Ins,
Islands of Plunder

Flesh and Spices

by Matt Goodall.
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Latest Reviews



The page-count seems meager, but this is Greg A. Vaughan we’re talking about – and he knows how to write concise! Furthermore, the font-size is actually rather small, meaning that there’s A LOT of information per page – which is neat! So how does this module hold up? It’s a short, sweet, simple murder-investigation and one with adversaries that imho are more interesting than the relatively tired adversaries of #46, which at this point have become somewhat predictable in the environment they’re found in. This will make sense for experienced DMs. So yes, overall, I consider this not only genre-wise, but also flavor-wise a well-crafted addition to the AP, one that brings the whole issue more to life and well worth of 5 stars and seal of approval – though I wished it were longer, more complex, more detailed – in short: I would have preferred “Feasting of Lanterngeist Extended” over “Wake of the Watcher” – but one can’t have everything, now, can one? To cut a long ramble short – a great plug-in with superb-production values, 5 stars + seal of approval.

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