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Myths and Legends

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Please enjoy these select "Alien Treasures" by Richard Pett, including magic and technology like the darksphere, fist cannon, and storm of chains! These items are from the newest chapter of Legendary Planet: Conferderates of the Shattered Zone.

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What's New with Legendary?

This week also saw the wide release of both the 5E and Pathfinder versions of Legendary Planet: Confederates of the Shattered Zone by Richard Pett (which you can pick up from all your favorite RPG vendors using the links in Monday’s blog post), and we are delighted to announce that final edits on Dead Vault Descent by Matt Goodall are winding up over the long weekend, and layout work is beginning, so we hope to have this chapter ready for action by the end of the month for the Pathfinder version, with layout on the 5E version beginning after that.

Faerie Mysteries explores the influence of fey creatures and the faerie realms on a 5th Edition campaign world. It is not so much about monsters and magic as it is about how the influence of the fey can change the feel and flow of a campaign, and it gives you a game-mechanical system for describing and representing that in-breaking of raw, untamed, primal magic that make the fey what they are. Fey do not simply walk about within the world; they carry their version of the world along with them, and make our world more like theirs with every step. The rumors and ripples and ruptures in our reality really lay the groundwork for enriching any campaign where civilization is not the only power in the world, and where the force and spirit of nature can push right back.

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