Visa and Mastercard Terminate Use of Their Cards on Pornhub

In another MONUMENTAL WIN for our united global #Traffickinghub movement, Visa and Mastercard have officially terminated the use of their cards on Pornhub after investigating the site for its complicity in the rape and trafficking of men, women, and children, and confirming the presence of illegal content on the site.

Both card networks had announced they were launching their own investigations into Pornhub after the release of the New York Times exposé "The Children of Pornhub,” and pressure from activist investor Bill Ackman.

After the article’s release and pressure from Visa and Mastercard’s investigation announcements, Pornhub announced major changes to their business model in order to avoid financial strangulation—including the removal of their infamous “download” button (which made it possible to download criminal content) and restrictions on which users can upload videos.

But even after these changes, the site continues to house 13 million videos uploaded without effective age or consent verification, and is still infested with videos of real monetized rape and child abuse.

The card networks’ investigations indeed confirmed the presence of criminal videos on Pornhub and each promptly announced the removal of their services from the site.

The New York Times article was written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof after months of investigation, much of which was informed by Traffickinghub movement founder, Laila Mickelwait.

Activists like you have helped to make all of this possible!

One by one the dominoes are falling and the Pornhub/MindGeek empire is beginning to crumble before our eyes. What’s happening at this very moment is nothing less than historic.

As we continue to push for the full weight of justice upon Porhub, help us meet our $300k year-end goal so we can forge ahead in this fight with strength, until justice has been fully served and the countless victims of this predatory company have found the peace that comes with complete vindication.

Until we prevail,
Laila Mickelwait and the Traffickinghub Team

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The Traffickinghub campaign is a non-religious, non-partisan effort to hold the largest porn website in the world accountable for enabling and profiting off of the mass sex trafficking and exploitation of women and minors. The campaign is facilitated by Exodus Cry and supported by over 300 child protection and anti-trafficking organizations, as well as experts on and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.