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LiveWriters chats with Jason Meuschke of the Sample Chapter Podcast

Q: You explore a variety of genres on the Sample Chapter Podcast. Are the genres and books chosen randomly, or is there a reason you feature the books you do when you do? 
A: I've opened the show to all genres, which makes it random fun from week to week, not knowing what to expect. The idea behind it was to create a place that welcomes all genres, allowing for a broader audience. There could be romance one week and SciFi the next, or poetry, or horror, western, crime thriller. You just never know! I myself read everything so my TBR list is constantly growing, thanks to the amazing guest authors and their incredible books. As for selecting the author, or book, I'm fortunate now to have a fairly steady list of requests from authors wanting to be a part of the show. I do, however, keep an eye on my backlist, and will occasionally reach out for one genre or another if it's been a while to sort of keep a healthy balance. 
Q: What is one of your favorite episodes, and what made that one memorable for you?

A: The easy answer here would be last October when I got to interview Hollywood actor, Lou Diamond Phillips! I had a blast speaking with him and he was so open to discussing his fiction writing craft, which was a new venture for him. Plus his chapter reading was incredible! But honestly, while talking with someone established like LDP, or author Steve Alten of the MEG series and movie is a ton of fun for me personally, I have just as much if not more fun speaking with first-time authors. Hearing about that passion project that burned in their brain for years on end before finally writing--it just never gets old.
Q: What is something you know now that you wish you would have known when you started the podcast? 

A: Hmm, that's kind of tough because I think it's a lot of little things and much of it goes along with writing! Like the importance of keeping a schedule and working on it regularly. Needing a website and email for people to learn more. Oddly enough, the show has actually helped my writing as well. Writing a blurb each week for a new episode has given me better insight into writing blurbs for my books, which most authors hate doing! 

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"[E]ven if you have the best podcast topic with the best setup and the best audio, if you aren't a great host, then listeners won't tune in. So, it is vital to work on improving your hosting abilities in addition to improving your podcast setup and audio quality."

-- Michelle Ruoff, "10 Ways to Be a Great Podcast Host"



For this Replay pick, we recommend "Brian O'Leary on the Future of Publishing" (March 31) from BookSmarts with Joshua Tallent. A transcript is available on the website.

In this episode, Tallent talks with Brian O'Leary, executive director of the Book Industry Study Group, or BISG, the U.S. book industry's trade organization. The interview focuses both on areas where O'Leary sees the industry struggling, and where he sees opportunities for growth. 

O'Leary, who has decades of experience in the publishing world, shares his background, explains the work of the BISG, and discusses how technology and the pandemic have changed reading and access. Hint: It has a lot to do with expansion and affordability! Give the episode a listen or read to learn more.

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